How to get Healthcare jobs in UAE

How to get Healthcare jobs in UAE

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Healthcare Industry in UAE

The  healthcare industry in UAE is the most actively expanding sector in the Emirati economy. It is claimed that healthcare  is one of the top industries in the UAE hiring at the moment, with a 21% rise in employment index. Healthcare jobs in UAE are plenty with excellent financial compensation and benefits.

The UAE healthcare sector operates at two levels, the public and the private healthcare providers. The public health services are regulated by authorities like Ministry of health, Dubai health authority, Health authority of Abu Dhabi and Abu Dhabi health services (SEHA). These are governed at the emirate-level and usually team-up with foreign organizations to run daily operations of health institutes all across UAE.

  • The UAE at present has a network of 40 public hospitals serving the people in all seven emirates. Recently, a state-of-the-art general hospital has been opened in Abu Dhabi with all facilities like a trauma unit and first home health care program in the UAE.
  • According to UAE ministry of health, the government investment on healthcare will reach AED 40 billion by the year 2015. In 2011 alone, the expenditure distributed along the health authorities in all seven emirates amounted to AED 36 billion.
  • mubadalaThe private healthcare sector is also showing symptoms of significant development. For instance, Mubadala healthcare, a healthcare vehicle introduced by the government of Abu Dhabi, recently launched one of its units- Health point, a multi-specialty hospital managed by German healthcare operator.
  • At present Abu Dhabi has nearly 25 doctors per 10,000 people. For nurses the number is as high as 52. This clearly indicates the immense employing potential in healthcare industry.
  • Recently a multinational has invested USD 100 million in a chain of clinics in Dubai, providing tourists and travelers from all around the globe with all medical services and amenities. By the end of 2015, investments of the same kind will be made in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah as well.
  • This expansion has led to an increase in job opportunities in local markets across the Middle East and Asia. Nearly 1500 people are expected to be hired by the end of 2016, Dubai being the springboard for this huge expansion.

The future of job market pertaining to the healthcare industry seems bright enough for any qualified professional to find an appropriate job suiting his/her skills set.

Requirements to get a Healthcare Job in UAE

There are certain procedures one needs to follow before obtaining the license to start practicing in UAE, from the health authorities in these emirates.

How to register with HAAD

Prior to starting your career as a healthcare professional in Abu Dhabi, you need to get yourself registered with the HAAD.

    • HAAD - Health Authority Abu DhabiCreate an account at HAAD website (link here)
    • Submit online application form with all the required documents like copy of valid passport, high school and college qualification certificates, experience certificates, official logbook for the last 2 years of previous job, a nomination letter and exam exemption declaration form.
    • Deposit the payment of AED 900 (for consultants) and AED 600 (for all health professionals).
    • Obtaining the License: All healthcare professionals are required to obtain their license before they start practicing with any health facility in the emirate. It should be current and valid at any point of time during clinical practice. Moreover, it should get renewed 3 months before the date of expiry mentioned on it.
    • Obtaining the Good Standing Certificate: A good standing certificate indicates the current status of the license of a health professional with health authority of Abu Dhabi. It also mentions that the license has not been under any suspension or revocation.

How to get the license transferred from Dubai Health Authority (DHA) to Abu Dhabi Health Authority (HAAD)?

DHA-LogoYes! To the delight of all health professionals working in these emirates, an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) has been signed between the DHA and HAAD for mutual recognition of work licenses for employees in the sector.

The procedure to transfer health practitioner license from DHA to HAAD is as follows:

1)      Request a Good Standing Certificate from the DHA account you have, costing AED 510 (normal process of 15 days) or AED 1010 (2-3 working days).

2)      Create your account at HAAD website (link here), fill up and upload all documents required. Ensure that you have the data flow report from DHA, which can be easily obtained by drafting a mail to their email address.

3)      You will receive a mail to deposit payment for the HAAD dataflow. Reply by sending your PSV receipt and wait for a confirmation.

4)      On payment confirmation, you will receive your username and password along with the link to their website. Once you log into the account, upload all necessary documents and fill in your details. Here you can also check the status of your application.

The discussion above clearly indicates the presence of immense job opportunities in the health industry in the UAE.

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  1. Hi
    Last year I was in Dubai trying to gain work with my RGN nursing
    However I would be interested in posts that are associated with healthcare but do not require registration
    For example working with a company that sells and teaches staff about healthcare equipment, pharmaceuticals and other work that is healthcare related but not necessarily working in a ward/hospital that I require RGN DOH HAAD
    I have experience in promotion business management sales as well as in my earlier days the hospitality industry
    Combined I believe I have many skills experience and knowledge that would make me an ideal candidate for an associated healthcare industry
    I require some assistance and contact in finding suitable career utilising my knowledge and experience
    For example selling and teaching of Cardiac Cath lab products, midwifery neonatology pharmaceuticals
    I did meet someone who did say (from personal experience) that although technology is available but is not used by staff because of lack of knowledge
    Would you be able to help me find work in Dubai?
    Please reply to my email
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