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online interview UAE

How to Prepare for Online Interview for a Job in the UAE

When applying for a job role in another country, you will go through a virtual application process that will include an online interview that will be held via a video calling app – for example, Skype – instead of in-person at service offices in Dubai, for example. This process is more common than people think, […]

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UAE Visa

UAE to start issuing work visas through overseas centers

The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratistion (MOHRE) will soon implement a mechanism of issuing work visas at offshore service centers. The new mechanism will ensure a transparent relation between employers and workers, thus preventing any attempt to replace job offers upon the arrival of […]

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employment contract uae

Tips to Negotiate on Your Employment Contract Abroad

Well, it’s a real big opportunity for you to grasp. After all those incessant mails, job search alerts, resume edits and chasing of employers, you have finally received a job offer from a corporation abroad. For this might be the moment when you bid adieu to all those homely comforts, things will surely take a […]

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hotel manager job abu dhabi

How to get a Hotel Manager job in Abu Dhabi

In that last article, we looked upon the best oil and gas firms in the UAE. These were not just huge going by the massive revenue they make, but as per the number of employment opportunities offered to the talented as well. Talking about the UAE, emirates like Abu Dhabi and Dubai are simply stealing […]

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Labor in UAE - Construction Jobs

Massive Growth In Construction Industry Opens New Jobs in UAE

Construction Industry in the Emirates: Massive Growth Propelling the UAE Economy Forward! The UAE often gets termed as the most economically forward nation in the entire Middle East. It stands true to quite an extent, considering the employee satisfaction rates in every industry, which have drastically improved during the last few years. In the last […]

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rashid hospital dubai

UAE Healthcare Industry on a Hiring Spree

While the global scenario might be going berserk with oil prices slumping down in the UAE, but the country itself seems the least affected in spite of such a grave phenomenon. A multitude of sectors on the economic front seem to be growing in leaps and bounds, with the prospects for the future being bright […]

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sales jobs in dubai

How to keep your Sales job in Dubai?

It has been a commendable journey till now. Right from getting yourself done with the best qualification to working hard on your skills and getting employed in one of the top-shot destinations on the globe-Dubai, seriously things have been going great. An emirate the harbors a multitude of cohorts from a zillion social backgrounds, Dubai […]

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travel and toursim jobs in uae

Travel and Tourism Jobs in UAE

Travel and tourism industry in UAE is still largely unexplored as UAE is one of the world’s fastest-growing destinations for business and leisure visitors. Huge investment has taken place in tourism infrastructure and all of the world’s top hotel brands are represented here. High-end resorts have proliferated and premium tourist and entertainment facilities are widespread. […]

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Top Employment Firms in UAE Oil and Gas Industry

What sounds synonymous to the idea of working in the UAE?  The first thought that might have come to your mind is the humongous oil and gas industry this country possesses and why not! A country which had nearly one-third of its GDP share coming from the oil industry and revenue worth US $ 126,307 […]

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How to get Healthcare jobs in UAE

Healthcare Industry in UAE The  healthcare industry in UAE is the most actively expanding sector in the Emirati economy. It is claimed that healthcare  is one of the top industries in the UAE hiring at the moment, with a 21% rise in employment index. Healthcare jobs in UAE are plenty with excellent financial compensation and benefits. The UAE […]

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