Travel and Tourism Jobs in UAE

Travel and Tourism Jobs in UAE

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Travel and tourism industry in UAE is still largely unexplored as UAE is one of the world’s fastest-growing destinations for business and leisure visitors.

Huge investment has taken place in tourism infrastructure and all of the world’s top hotel brands are represented here. High-end resorts have proliferated and premium tourist and entertainment facilities are widespread.

UAE continues to attract millions at its world-class exhibition centers, sports events, shopping and entertainment festivals

Some quick facts about the tourism sector in UAE

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  • According to a report, one of the massive economic sectors in the country which is expected to contribute 8.5% to this year’s Gross domestic product. This accounts for a 4.5% year on year rise to Dh 122.6 billion.
  • However, the direct contribution is set to creep up by 4.7% to Dh 59.1 billion. With events like Dubai Expo 2020 and Football world cup in Qatar happening, it is expected to increase by 3.1% a year to reach Dh 80.1 billion in 2024.
  • Abu Dhabi is heavily investing in building its tourism industry. The construction of the Louvre (83 million euros-108 million Euros) and Guggenheim (200 million Euros) quite evidently proves the same.
  • Travel and tourism jobs are expected to be created in heaps, directly or indirectly, by the end of 2014. The number expected is 523,000 approximately, a 5.3% rise from 496,500 jobs the year before. In addition to this, the sector represents 9.1% of the total employment across the economy last year.


Reasons for the growth in UAE Travel and Tourism Industry

  • Relaxation of the VISA regime:

Due to strong feedback from the local practitioners in the medical field about the problems faced in attracting medical tourists in the country, the country’s regime has removed all the existing barriers or prohibitions and has introduced a medical tourism VISA. This has benefited the medical segment of tourism industry by increasing the number of tourists and hence creating ample job opportunities.

  • Efforts from the government to increase domestic tourism:

The period of economic crisis saw an increase in people shifting to domestic destinations from international ones during holidays. This opportunity was efficiently seized by the government post-economic crisis. Investments in sustaining the levels of domestic tourism through initiatives like Summer fest in Abu Dhabi, Dubai Rock fest, Dubai Sports world etc. have proved to be quite instrumental in increasing the employment rates all across the UAE.

  • Political Stability in the region:

The political stability of the UAE in the face of persistently growing instability in the political regimes across famous tourist destinations like Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon and Syria has caused a growth in the number of tourists witnessed by the country. This has subsequently resulted in a myriad of job opportunities in the field.

Jobs in UAE Travel and Tourism industry

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There are numerous job profiles in this industry. Some prominent ones are discussed below.

  • Administration Manager: A professional with this profile ensures smooth and efficient running of the internal systems and procedures. He also provides an efficient centralized office and supporting services to all the personnel. [Check Administration Manager Jobs]
  • Director of Human resources: A person with this profile establishes the various personnel policies and also checks the adherence to the UAE labor law. He is also responsible to oversee staff recruitment and strengthens employee relations by inducing various incentive programs. [Check Human Resource Jobs]
  • Operations Manager: He takes charge of the overall operations. He also maintains an alliance with the personnel in the local travel market and participates pro-actively in international travel trade conferences. [Check Operation Manager Jobs]
  • Marketing Manager: A marketing manager plans, organizes, directs and controls the company’s marketing functions. He is also responsible for reviewing market and making sales analysis. [Check Marketing Manager jobs]
  • Reservation Manager: The key responsibilities associated with this profile are formulating and supervising the reservation system and clarifying booking situation with the management of travel related organizations. [Check Reservation Manager Jobs]

It is evident that travel and tourism sector in the UAE is witnessing a growth phase at present with ample job openings at the disposal of those with the required skill set. A thorough research coupled with perseverance and focused approach can easily get you to secure the job you want in this industry.

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