Expat Life in UAE

Expat Life in UAE is not similar to Europe, America or some parts of Asia. However, if you are an expat moving to the UAE, you will find a country with modern architecture, awesome beaches and a subtropical climate.

You will be awed with the desert landscape, which contrasts its coastlines.

Keep in mind that although the UAE has an international and modern character, its traditional Islamic roots are still strong and alive.

It is important that before moving to the UAE, expats must acquire knowledge of important laws and etiquette of the country.

Living in the UAE: The UAE is often called an Expat Paradise, referring to an outstanding expat life in UAE. More than half of people living here are foreign born. UAE is rammed full of expats from multiple nations and myriad backgrounds, making it a true cultural melting pot. This is a massive plus for anyone who wants to learn more about the world.

As an expat, you will enjoy amenities which you may not have in your home countries.

For instance, telecommunication system is excellent; most of the modern buildings are equipped with hi-tech air-conditioning and safety systems. Media, such as newspapers, TV, radio stations, are available in Arabic, English, Urdu and several other languages.

The quality, luxuriousness and attention to detail in UAE makes it a comfortable place to live, work and explore. It will colour your view of the world too, and when you travel or go back home you’ll be constantly comparing everything with what you can get in UAE!

If you are planning or moving to the UAE as an expatriate, your considerations will range from business etiquette to social security. Be prepared and soak up as much as information as you can to avoid being surprised.

Remember that expat life in UAE will be more pleasant if you know how to respect local traditions and etiquette.

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