Sales Analyst (Abu Dhabi)

Industry: Abu Dhabi

Job Description:

– Languages: Arabic and English
– Nationality: UAE Nationals, Arab National, India National
– Years of experience: Minimum of 5 to 8 years of experience, with at least 3 years in the same or related field
– Minimum Qualifications: Bachelor degree or higher diploma in these fields: Sales, Accounting, Marketing, Advertising, Economics or Business Administration. Previous experience in sales or promotion.

Short Overview of the Roles & Responsibilities:

• Analyze and implement new methods and techniques to determine sales growth
• Analyze the company’s sales policies and recommend proper improvements and changes
• Establish and implement sales objectives and goals
• Assist, support and coordinate sales personnel in performing daily sales activities
• Assist in preparing and handling sales annual budgets.
• Analyze markets in order to identify new sales and business opportunities
• Analyze, interpret and evaluate the effectiveness of sales, methods, costs and results
• Handle customer complaints and solve conflicts within the company
• Handle promotional materials and coordinate advertising
• Compile and track sales data
• Maintain good long term relationship with customers, sales staff and suppliers
• Promote positive relationships with vendors and distributors
• Participate at trade fairs and other events
• Order and maintain materials and merchandise
• Handle both field and indoor sales activities
• Prepare and analyze complex and technical specifications of products
• Evaluate market demand and try to meet customers needs and expectations
• Provide customer services after selling the product or service
• Provide customers relevant information about the products and services the company sells

Specialized Skills and competencies:-Novice Level

• ACHIEVED DESIRED RESULT – Leverage knowledge and develop, advocate, and implement plans to achieve organizational goals.
• BUSINESS FUNDAMENTALS – Applying knowledge of basic business principles, trends, and economics to work activities.
• RISK ASSESSMENT AND MANAGEMENT – Developing a structured approach to managing uncertainty and evaluating, assuming, and mitigating risks.
• CUSTOMER SERVICE – Initiative to build a customer base and customer loyalty.

Workplace Competencies:

• Teamwork
• Adaptability and Flexibility
• Customer Focus
• Planning and organizing
• Creative Thinking
• Problem Solving and Decision Making
• Working with Tools and Technology
• Workplace Computer Applications
• Scheduling and Coordinating
• Checking, Examining and Recording
• Business Fundamentals


• Reading
• Writing
• Mathematics
• Science
• Communication
• Critical and Analytical thinking
• Fundamental IT User Skills

Personal Effectiveness:

• Interpersonal Skills and Teamwork
• Integrity
• Professionalism
• Dependability and Reliability
• Lifelong Learning

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