How to keep your Sales job in Dubai?

How to keep your Sales job in Dubai?

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It has been a commendable journey till now. Right from getting yourself done with the best qualification to working hard on your skills and getting employed in one of the top-shot destinations on the globe-Dubai, seriously things have been going great.

An emirate the harbors a multitude of cohorts from a zillion social backgrounds, Dubai has always stood up to the expectations of any job-seeker with the right talent and expertise to excel in any field. One such field to consider is the sales industry. You might have heard the air buzzing with the facts of how brutally competitive this sphere can get. However, the stiffness of competition reaches a new zenith altogether, when in Dubai.

The emirate has 92% of its population coming from expat numbers, that too the most talented professionals, flocking from all around the world. Agreed, you worked hard and moved ahead to secure the best sales job in this emirate. But, considering the competent environment in Dubai, are you working hard enough to retain what you secured.

Hence, mentioned below are a few skills that will help you be a master of sales and efficient at it, to lead a comfortable professional life in Dubai.

1)     Being Effective With Your Oration

Probably the most essential workplace skill, oration requires for you to be convincing enough to lead the mob in favor of the product/service you’re offering. Be it be a communication mail, a call or a personal meeting, considering the fact that there’ll be individuals from a plethora of places you’ll be interacting with, you need to keep things clear and simple. In addition to this, your listening skills play a great part in content delivery. Instead of being a crocodile salesman with big mouth and no ears, try to address the customer grievances by being thoughtful and precisely accurate.

2)    Start Working on Your Research Habits (Or Re-working rather)

An economy as fast growing as Dubai’s, with the ring of each sector packed full of contenders from various continents demands you to be updated regarding each trend being practiced.

Hence, start your research on the company, the products it offers, how are they better than those offered by your competitors, current position and every detail you can get your hands on.

Utilize social media to the maximum extent, coupled with increasing your prowess on various sales intelligence software.

3)    Maximize The Referrals in Your Kitty

Referrals serve to be the warmest leads you’ll evert receive. Although, you’ll find sales professionals in Dubai notoriously shy enough, for not asking for referrals, but there’s perfectly no need for that. Your clients might be more than happy to share them with you, knowing that you value them. This can only be earned once high quality customer service starts at your end.

4)    Start Connecting to Maximize Results

Obviously, the title was clear enough to suggest the importance of a network in your sales job. However, it’s imperative to consider that the key focus here is nurturing the business relationships you maintain, rather than chucking the old ones and running after new.

Start with forming a strategy regarding what people you want in your sales web and the right ways of approaching them. Rather than fretting over the hack to form a connection every time, realize the things that might be important. Plus, never lag behind on a follow up. Dubai is a big emirate and of course, you don’t want to re-appear as a contact long lost in the sands of time.

Gone are those days when just securing a job in Dubai would suffice your professional needs. This is an era for you to prove yourself worthy at every step. Just stick to the basics and be meticulous in your approach. Rest will fall in place by itself.

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