Required Pest Control Technician for Bahrain (Ajman)

Industry: Agriculture, Dairy, Poultry, Fish

Designation : Pest Control Technician 5 nos
experience : 3-5 years
salary : based on exp
Job location : BAHRAIN
Nationality : Indian
E-mail :
Job -Pest Control Sprayer
Job : Pest control technicians are responsible for preventing and controlling the spread of insects and other pests that may infest homes, restaurants, warehouses, business and other establishments. By removing pests, pest control technicians help prevent damage to these properties and remove various threats to the safety and health of the occupants.
Pest control technicians identify, control and eliminate pests or vermin, such as: birds, rodents, rats, mice, cat and various insects. To achieve this, technicians use a range of methods, equipment and chemicals. They also advise customers on preventative measures and suitable methods of control.
Pest Control Technician Job Duties
• Inspect buildings and surrounding areas to identify signs of infestation by insects, birds, rodents or other pests
• Determine if treatment is necessary based on severity of infestation
• Determine the type of treatment necessary
• Treat the infested area with the appropriate pesticide
• May use traps or appropriate chemical as solutions to infestation
• Ensure pesticide does not cause immediate or long term harm to inhabitants of treated building
• Clean work site after completion of job.
• Post warning signs and lock building doors to secure area to be fumigated.
• Study preliminary reports or diagrams of infested area and determine treatment type required to eliminate and prevent recurrence of infestation.
• Direct or assist other workers in treatment or extermination processes to eliminate or control rodents, insects, or weeds.
• Dig up and burn or spray weeds with herbicides.
• Set mechanical traps or place poisonous paste or bait in sewers, burrows, or ditches.
• Clean and remove blockages from infested areas to facilitate spraying procedures and provide drainage, using brooms, mops, shovels, or rakes.
Skills Required:
Pesticide technicians have excellent customer service skills. The job requires careful protection against potentially hazardous chemicals, and many companies require background checks to ensure dependability. Pest control workers must be able to maneuver in small areas, such as crawl spaces and attics.
Inspect: pest control technicians inspect customer premises on a routine schedule and report on the status of premises on levels of pest infestation.
Treat: organize and undertake a programme of treatments using pest control equipment or chemicals to control and eliminate target pests.
Report: pest control technicians must write reports on all inspections undertaken. These reports must detail the programme of treatments, list any chemicals used and state their location on the premises to maintain health and safety.
The skills required by individuals in this job role include:
· Communication skills
· Physically fit
· Problem solving skills
· Can cope with unpleasant sights/smells
· Customer service skills
· Knowledge of Government legislation
· Numeracy skills
· Knowledge of health and safety

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