Industry: Other

Job Description:
• Controls autoclave to process liquid, solid, and gaseous ingredients into chemical products according to specifications: Reads production schedule to determine product, ingredients, temperature, pressure, and duration of the process.
• Turns valves to load liquid ingredients into the tank.
• Weighs out and dumps solid ingredients and catalyst into equipment, and turns steam and coolant valves to heat mixture to specified temperature.
• Turns valves to displace accumulated gases to avoid an explosion.
• Closes vent to seal autoclave.
• Sets dials to control the pressure and flow of gaseous material through the mixture.
• Opens vent to admit product into load tank.
• Connects drain line from load tank to filter press, using hand tools, and starts pumps to force product through the press to separate catalyst.
• Drains product into the drum and starts pumps to transfer catalyst to load tank for reuse.
• May test samples of materials produced, using refract meter or other standard test equipment, to ensure attainment of the specified product.

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