Registered Pharmacist

Industry: Other

Job Purpose:
Fulfills all Statutory and Professional Duties as a registered pharmacist by following rule and regulations of Health Authorities and provide the best of customer service excellence. In addition to achieving the sales target and business profitability.
1. Adhere to health rules and regulations (MOH, DHA and HADD)
Ex. Medicine dispensing, License Validity, dress code .. Etc.
2. Ensure the highest professional standards of counter
prescribing and Medicines Protocol implementation in the
frame of customer service excellence to meet company and
professional standards.
3. Ensure confidentiality of information concerning customers and staff in accordance with the Data Protection
Act. And retain confidentiality of company policies and
figure statistics to meet company and health authorities’
4. Achieve individual profitability target to meet business
plan set by the manager.
5. Follow up on item expires to avoid having expired items.
6. Check warehouse slips, received items, and slip entry to
ensure all slips are entered correctly on the system.
7. Prepare daily sales report “end of shift report”
8. Collect of customers’ data.
9. Prepare insurance submissions to meet due timings
Minimum Qualification: University degree, Pharmacy.
Minimum Experience: – Health Authority Li censure (MOH, DHA, HAAD)
Job Specific :
Fluent and clear communication (spoken and written ) English and Arabic as one of requirements from the health authority.
Generic Skills: Business Focus – customers, cash, results.
Sales Skills: Very good selling and communications skills.
Work Style: Plan, prioritize decide and deliver.
Reporting Staff: Trainee Pharmacist
Decision Making Authority: Dispensing (prescription, controlled medicine and OTC).
Working Environment: Pharmacy.
Internal Relationships: Retail Management, pharmacy/store manager, purchasing team, pharmacy staff, IT, finance & accounts, HR & Admin and warehouse.
External Relationships: customers, doctors, clinics, health authorities, suppliers and principles, insurance companies.

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