Revenue Cycle and Insurance Specialist (Abu Dhabi)

Industry: Healthcare & Medicine

1.Verifies all of the information for claims billing is correct. Contacts the appropriate person to obtain missing or unclear billing information.
2.Reviews all funding invoices to determine the correct billing method. Completes claim form through.
3.Attaches required documentation for payment.
4.Follows up by phone on all unpaid and denied claims. Determines next course of action, which may require re-billing missing claims, denied claims OR sending additional information on pending claims.
5.Handles third party customer questions, complaints, and problems once an order has been invoiced.
6.Completes all necessary follow-up in a timely manner so the payment process will not be delayed. Must stay current on follow ups, so billing deadlines are not missed.
7.Respond to and interact with customers concerning all aspects of billing through phone, email or regular mail in a prompt and courteous manner.
8.Relays changes in regulations discovered by claim denials to all pertinent personnel.
9. Implementation of all Revenue Cycle team plans, programs, and projects strictly adhering to prescribed deadlines and schedules.
10. Manages and oversees the patient services and billing staff in handling patient relations.
11. Act as an intermediary between a healthcare facility and the insurance companies.
12. Be responsible for submitting paperwork to insurance companies for the purpose of seeking reimbursement for medical procedures performed.
13. Have to be familiar with a variety of industry-standard coding systems, such as CPT and ICD-9/10 diagnostic codes, that are often used in insurance claims submissions.
14. May also have to contact the insurance companies before a patient receives medical treatments to ensure that the procedures are covered.
15. Have to work with patients to correctly fill out paperwork, doctors to verify that the proper procedures are submitted, and insurance representatives to ensure proper reimbursement.
16. You may also be expected to perform some basic clerical duties in the medical office, such as answering telephones, managing patient correspondence, and entering data into computers.

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