Financial Analyst and Budgeting (Abu Dhabi)

Industry: Abu Dhabi

Job Description:

– Languages: Arabic and English
– Nationality: Any Arab Nationality – Priority will be given to UAE Nationals
– Years of experience: 5-7 years of public accounting or equivalent experience
– Minimum Qualifications: CPA or CIA certifications is required.
– Bachelor’s degree/ or any equivalent degree in Business Administrations or finance or accounting or related field (advanced degree is preferred)

Short Overview of the Roles & Responsibilities:

• Plans, organizes and supervises the work of the work.
• Recommends and schedules financial, compliance and performance.
• Establishes and implements financial audit policies and procedures
• Reviews changes in legal and procedural requirements affecting auditing processes
• Develops internal control systems to determine if systems are adequate and in accordance with management policies and procedures
• reviews and approves financial audit findings and final reports
• Selects staff; assigns audits; reviews audit financial work papers and determines material problems
• Evaluates staff & develops and provides training to staff.

Specialized Skills and competencies:

• Excellent practical Knowledge in financial audit, financial risk management and financial analysis
• Excellent practical knowledge in financial reporting, budgeting, project financing, etc.
• Proficient in financial operations management, accounting, problem solving and critical thinking skills
• Develop project plans that effectively incorporate appropriate risks, scope, staffing requirements, deliverables, timelines, budgets and client availability
• Participate in audit execution as a core team member or project manager
• Provide audit process and business knowledge leadership to entry and intermediate level auditors
• Contribute to the design and execution of continuous auditing tools that assess changing risk and impact the planning of audit activities

Personal and Interpersonal Skills:-

Intellectual Competencies

• Intelligence
• Analytical skill
• Decision making/Judgment
• Conceptual Ability
• Creativity
• Strategic Skills
• Pragmatism
• Risk Taking
• Education

Personal Competencies

• Integrity
• Initiative
• Planning
• Excellence
• Independence
• Self-awareness
• Adaptability

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