Junior Auditor Required (Dubai)

Salary: Unspecified
Industry: Real Estate
Location: Dubai

Junior Auditor Job Responsibilities
• Review contracts, payments and other executed documents for evidence or indication of authorization of transaction
• Determine compliance with company controls and procedures for execution of documents and payment methods
• Compile information on employee or staff access to particular forms of data and computer systems
• Retrieve bank or financial statements, receipts, invoices, checks and other documentation of company transactions
• Compare invoices, checks and receipts with statements to find inconsistencies or incomplete documentation
• Examine statements, forms and internal organization controls for compliance with regulatory and accounting standards
• Evaluate reliability of source of financial data
• Identify potential breaches in data or system security, including vulnerability to computer hacking
• Report findings of audit to senior auditor or to management as directed by supervisors
• Review monthly statements of Income & Expenses – give variance analysis with back up month on each heads to senior managers.
Junior Auditor Essential Skills
Junior auditor must grasp the significance of seemingly minor or small details. Analysis includes comparisons of signatures on documents and of financial statements to supporting documents. Auditing involves recognizing trends or patterns in spending and particular transactions or access to data.
Knowledge of computer systems helps junior auditor understand passwords, firewalls, computer security and how employees or potential hackers can access digitally-stored documents and data. Junior auditor may use spreadsheets, accounting software and auditing and compliance software.
The junior auditor job description includes the ability to examine and give meaning to details of the organization’s internal controls, data collection and dissemination systems and record-keeping. An effective audit explores the seemingly minute actions of signatures, handling of computer passwords, dates and times of business transactions and receipts, cancelled checks, invoices and other documents proffered to support a report.
In the auditing context, math skills involve essential operations of adding, subtracting, multiplication and division. Junior auditor need these skills to calculate losses due to inefficient operations or fraudulent activity and the cost per item produced.
Junior auditor must concisely and accurately report their findings or recommendations to senior auditor or other supervisory staff. The ability to write persuasively is needed to spur the organization or its management to tighten controls or change operating procedures.
Qualification & Experience
Junior auditor must have a certification with degree of MBA or ACCA. With sound experience of 5 to 8 year in audit field. Experience with Audit companies will be highly preferred.
Junior auditor salary will base on experience & interview.

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