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UAE to start issuing work visas through overseas centers

UAE to start issuing work visas through overseas centers
The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratistion (MOHRE) will soon implement a mechanism of issuing work visas at offshore service centers.

The new mechanism will ensure a transparent relation between employers and workers, thus preventing any attempt to replace job offers upon the arrival of employees to the UAE.

The three-phased plan will start with opening visa-issuing centers in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Kenya and Bangladesh.

Phase II will include the opening of 10 other centers, including four in India and the others in Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, Senegal and Nigeria.

Phase III will include three centers in India, and three in Pakistan, in addition to two others in Egypt and Nigeria.

Visa issuing centers shall provide administrative services associated with the issuance of entry permits to the UAE, including validating entry documents, medical examinations, and fingerprinting.

Employers will be required to submit a detailed job offer prior to recruiting workers into the country, containing a comprehensive description of the rights and duties of each side towards each other and in a language they can understand.

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