Geologist (Abu Dhabi)

Industry: Engineering

? Supervises field tests performed by Company and subcontracted personnel.
? Receives detailed instruction on objectives.
? Investigates and measures seismic, gravitational, electrical, thermal, and magnetic forces affecting ground, utilizing principles of physics, mathematics, and chemistry.
? Collects data in complex field situations with supervision; Conducts site reconnaissance;
? May be requested to verify processed data or assumed field conditions; Directs field personnel in the performance of field tests; Ensures field tests are performed by trained personnel and with calibrated equipment
? Advises Project personnel preparing proposals on issues of scheduling and feasibility
? May write sections of formal reports on geology through literature reviews.
? Deciding on suitable seismic measurement and data processing techniques.
? Observing the reaction of recording equipment to detect irregularities.
? Interpreting and reporting on collected data to the team and Department Heads at meetings and presentations.
? Designing, testing, modifying and repairing seismic equipment.
? Adapting data collection procedures.
? Compiling charts and reports

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