Wellhead Tower Operator (Abu Dhabi)

Industry: Oil, Gas & Energy

Job Title:Wellhead Tower Operator
Job Purpose:
Operates panels on wellhead Towers including shutting down/starting-up,oil and gas well testing using Multi phase flow meters/test seprators assigned to an Offshore Productions Area,field changes,Choke adjustment,Changes orifice plates as required,pigging,Top up chemicals,collect oil/water samples,conducts pressure surveys and carries out annulus pressure surveys.
(The wellhead Tower includes well control panel,oil,water and gas well producers and injectors’ X-mas trees .MPFM/Test Separators,surface safety Systems,chemical injection,F&g Systems and attached surface and Sub-Sea pipeline networks,risers,pig launchers and receivers.)
Minimum Requirements:
• Secondary Education Certificate followed by 1 year Diploma in Technical Trade.
• 3-4 years’experience preferably in offshore production/plant operations including first-line maintenance.
• Good knowledge of English.

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